Case Studies

Army Lean/Six Sigma Training Delivery, Coaching, Mentoring and Deployment Advising
CPS delivers training, coaching and mentoring to equip Army officials with tools to enhance enterprise performance, support institutional adaptation, and improve organizational effectiveness. CPS effectively uses the Army Systems Approach to Training (SAT) approved Program of Instruction (POI). CPS Lean/Six Sigma (LSS) certified instructors teach Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, Project and Identification and Selection Workshop (PISW), Civilian Education and Project Sponsor Workshops to help the Army workforce develop skills needed to execute operational, quantifiable improvement projects.
CPS provides Deployment Advisors to multiple commands and organizations to support the Army CPI/LSS deployment. These experts provide highly skilled coaching and mentoring to Army Deployment Directors and Senior Leaders. At the Program Management Office (PMO) level, we provide a team led by an experienced CPS Program Manager to advise the PMO on deployment strategy and policies, while assisting in the implementation and tracking of deployment progress across the Army.

USDA APHIS International Services, Infrastructure for Policy Group and Policy Issuance System
With multiple policy sources governing overseas staff and operations in over 35 countries worldwide, policy decisions for APHIS IS had been made on an ad hoc, case-by-case basis. CPS worked with APHIS IS to establish the infrastructure of an IS Policy Branch, to interpret and document high-level policy guidelines specific to international issues falling outside established domestic policy guidelines. CPS consultants developed functional descriptions, recommended staff requirements to transition responsibilities to a government group, developed procedures required for the Policy Branch’s routine operations, and provided policy and procedural training to domestic SMEs and overviews to IS overseas employees. CPS also established a methodology for publishing internal administrative issuances, developing an IS Policy Issuance System with a communications plan and issuance templates and forms to support policy group rollout. CPS drafted 40 policy memos to jumpstart the issuance system.

Veterans Health Administration, Training Development and Implementation
The VHA Emergency Medical Strategic Healthcare Group aggressively works to develop and implement training on current emergency and incident procedures encompassing VA-wide processes. This also helps the VA to carry out its primary mission of serving its enrolled Veterans and of fulfilling a leading role in the overall national, all hazards medical response to major disasters and emergencies. CPS teamed with Abrams Learning and Information Systems (ALIS), a recognized leader in Homeland Security and domestic preparedness, to develop an instructor-led course to educate a range of VHA personnel in application of Incident Command System (ICS) concepts to VHA incident response operations for all hazards, with a focus on Incident Action Planning and Multi-Agency Coordination. CPS and ALIS improved the VHA’s overall effectiveness in responding to and managing incident or disaster responses, in concert with partners from all levels of government and all departments, agencies and public/private organizations.

USDA Animal and Plant Health (APHIS) Inspection Service: Increasing Group Efficiency
The CPS team enhanced administrative services provided by the Management Policy and Services group to the International Services Field offices, interviewing staff, mapping administrative processes, developing standard operating procedures, writing functional job descriptions, and proposing a new staff organization. The CPS team has been able to establish MP&S on its desired business transformation path. The CPS team identified a pivotal liaison group, and developed a coaching and mentoring program for these key individuals.

USDA APHIS International Services Talent Management and Succession Plan
The CPS team visited Action Program operations in Panama, Mexico and Guatemala, to conduct Subject Matter Expert interviews, researching Foreign Service and Civil Service personnel systems, and applying the regulations governing and duties assigned to Senior Foreign Service Officers. Where several processes existed to achieve a common goal, best practices were selected. Functional descriptions common to each program were defined and workflows were documented and refined.

United States Postal Service
CPS has led, coached and mentored multiple projects for the USPS. One sample project, completed in less than four weeks, looked at landscaping practices in a southern California district. After collecting baseline data and collecting the Voice of the Customer, a Benefit/Effort Matrix was created and Landscaping standards were developed. After piloting the proposed solution, the USPS will roll this out to 170+ additional sites, resulting in cost avoidance of $690,000.

DoD Projects Conducted By CPS Knowledge Resources
Sixty-five percent of the Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) were exceeding the 8 day standard, out-processing after pre-deployment training at Ft. Irwin. Using Value Stream Mapping, work flow and statistical analysis, the process was streamlined by including well defined clearing standards to incorporate timelines to meet the standard and centralizing a portion of out-processing to become a one stop shop. Projected savings are $9,000,000/yr.

A US Army Major Command project wanted to improve the retrograde of unwanted or excess equipment, scrap metal, HAZMAT, Class II, III, IV & IX from the unit footprint and to develop an effective tool to improve material management and assist units in properly storing and disposing of serviceable and unserviceable equipment. The team developed process maps/Value Stream Maps and created detailed data and accurate inventory lists. "To-Be" Value Stream Maps were developed, along with revising SOPs and a visual control platform on the database system was implemented. Projected savings of $55,232,000/yr. are currently being validated.

A critical flight deck assembly used to launch aircraft from the Navy’s carriers had an unacceptably high failure rate that created a high risk of serious injury or death and damaged or lost aircraft. The supplier resolved the failure mode, but the six month cycle time to replace the assemblies in the fleet was unacceptable to the Navy. Value Stream Analysis and Measurement System Analysis were helpful in identifying non-value add cycle time. The project took three weeks to compile data, do the analysis, present the findings and implement solutions for a 33% reduction in the cycle time.

Over $17 million in miscoded bills from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service were found by an Army Command, with approximately 8% of these billings being unidentifiable. A pilot program enabled identification of 100% of the billings, as well as another $700,000 which should have been challenged. The process was refined, variation eliminated, and the Army Command saved in excess of $1.0 million the following year, with almost $7.0 Million in savings over the Program Objective Memorandum cycle.

Requests were assigned to the wrong Division to review, resulting in G4 and Commanding General contract approval taking an average of 25.8 days. A Kaizen event was held with the result that average G4 processing time was reduced by 25% to 9.2 days, portal to Commanding General approval time reduced by 12% to 22.6 days, and assignment to the improper division being reduced by 100%. The Command had net annual savings of $270,000 in cost avoidance.

Our LSS team began supporting the newly formed Army Medical Action Plan (AMAP) and the Warriors in Transition (WT). The team led multiple LSS projects that were executed at several Military Treatment Facilities, resulting in significant improvements. Access to Care improved as much as 35% over baseline for some clinics. Medical Evaluation Board Process Cycle Time improved 92%, reducing the number of days to complete the process from 425 to 34.

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