CPS Professional Services Becomes CATHEXIS

Founded in 2006, CPS had been a successful management consulting company, with its core competencies evolving over time. In May 2018, CPS Professional Services started a new chapter in their corporate story: Ownership of CPS Professional Services changed and Mr. Shawn Gundrum became the CEO and managing partner.

Under Gundrum’s leadership, CPS began positioning itself for future growth. CPS flattened its management layers, refined corporate operations and polices, and introduced new contract opportunities. Gundrum has invested in upgraded management tools and systems to align with the efficiencies already established as part of the company’s ISO 9001-2015 certification.

With the company moving in this new direction, Gundrum announced to its clients, team members and professional partners the renaming of CPS to CATHEXIS. "The cornerstone of our company continues to be helping to solve our clients’ most complex and challenging issues," said Gundrum. The name CATHEXIS highlights our commitment to these clients, he added.

In October, CPS Professional Services relaunched as CATHEXIS. ‘Cathexis’ is defined as the commitment of mental and emotional energy toward people, activities and ideas. "For us, it means the commitment of our personal and professional energy toward our clients’ people, missions and visions," Gundrum said.

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